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Diagnostics could be confusing to most people. When you're faced with the unknown it's hard to make an informed decision. Our knowledgeable and friendly staff will make your experience painless. Our ASE certified Master technicians will troubleshoot your problem in a quick efficient manner to get your car back on the road.



Oil changes aren’t enough for vehicles of today. To keep your car from breaking down and leaving you stranded, it's imperative that the original manufacturer recommended maintenance is performed based on mileage intervals. 15/30/45/60/75/90 thousand mile services are important and will help in the long run by preventing costly unnecessary repairs.  



We are a California certified smog Star station. That allows us to perform smog checks for all years, makes and models. We are also authorized to repair failed vehicles whether it is customer pay or part of the California Consumer Assistance Program (CAP).  Our staff is continually trained to meet the demand of the constant updates required to keep up with technology.


Check Engine Light


Check engine light or service soon lights are direct warning lights from your computer. It usually refers to emission or other system failures.The misconception is that you pull codes and it will give you the problem. Realistically most codes will direct you to the system or component system that the fault is coming from. There are times it refers to a condition. Diagnostic testing requires troubleshooting to narrow the faulty senor or system to the exact problem. Most discount part stores offer a free code testing and possible failure for free. Unfortunetly in most cases customers end up spening unnecessary large some of money on parts they did not need. 


Diagnostic & Troubleshooting


Not all Diagnostics are alike. Let our professionals troubleshoot your failure. We will run a full diagnostic test as required. We will test your engine compression, fuel pressure, fuel injectors, ignition system, emission sensors and systems. 3 out of 4 diagnostic testing is completed and trouble is pin pointed with in the first  hour. But there are circumstances that require more complex testing and removal of components to help seek failure which will cost based on the extensivity of the testing. 


Emission Failures


Emission failures are the most difficult to troubleshoot. Therefore requires minimum of 1 1/2 hour diagnostic time. We are a Star smog station which makes us the place to have qualified smog repairs. Not only are we well qualified to perform testing and troubleshooting. We are the place that know the rules and law regarding smog testing. We are also part of the state Consumer assistantace program, ask us about details regarding the CAP program and how to apply for it. 




On Board diagnostic systems post 1996 have a built in self testing process. This process is automatically required when the battery is disconnected or has died (which clears the memory) Or if the check engine light is reset which will also clear the memory. The purpose of readiness monitors is to self-test the car’s emission control systems. The monitors are also known as Emissions Monitors. Like the name indicates, they observe the performance of car’s emission related systems.

Once each monitor has met its criteria, it will set from not ready to ready. Most vehicles will set ready just by normal driving usually between 30-50 miles. Some vehicle require several cold starts to operating temperature. If the monitors or a monitor does not go to ready, it is an indication there is a problem in the sysetm. Most of the time a check engine light is set. In some cases it may get stuck in not ready even after thousands of miles. This condition must be properly diagnosed. 

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